Odessa sightseeing tour (duration 3 hrs)
During the tour you will see the main Odessa sights and historical places. On seeing the famous Potemkin Steps, Opera House, Deribasovskaya Street – “the queen of all the streets of the world”, you will plunge into unforgettable Odessa atmosphere.

Odessa museums (in addition to the city tour, duration 1-3 hrs)

In addition to the city tour you can choose any of the following museums: Archaeological, Literary, Fine Arts Museum (with the grotto), Local History Museum, Odessa Museum of Alexander Pushkin, Philiki Eteriya museum.

* Entrance fees not included

Odessa catacombs (Nerubaiskoye village, 30 kms from Odessa, duration 2.5-3 hrs)

The visit to Odessa would not be complete if you have not visited Odessa catacombs, the longest catacombs in Europe. An experienced guide will take you through the underground passages which were the base of the guerrilla movement during the Second World War.

Literary Odessa (duration 3 hrs)

This tour is a unique opportunity to travel in time and space and visit Odessa of the times of
Pushkin and Mickiewicz, Bunin and Kuprin, Inber and Akhmatova, Bagritsky and Kirsanov. Walk along the cosy streets of Odessa together with the characters of Babel and Olesha, Sholom-Alekheim and Zhabotinsky, Ilf and Petrov, Katayev and Paustovsky.

Odessa Churches (duration 4 hrs)

Multinational Odessa has always been a city of many religions. During the tour you will visit Christian churches and monasteries, an Arabic cultural centre and a Jewish synagogue.

Odessa Criminal History (duration 3 hrs)

Gangs of Odessa have gone into history long ago but this history still attracts the interest of
Odessa guests due to the colourful and notorious personalities such as Mishka Yaponchik and
Son’ka Golden Hand. During the tour you will learn both mysterious and anecdotal stories of Odessa criminal world.

Jewish Odessa (duration 3 hrs)

The history of Odessa is inseparably connected with the history of the Jewish community. When Odessa was founded it became the first city of the Russian Empire, where Jews were allowed to settle. By the time of the World War II Odessa Jewish community became the third largest in the world, after New York and Warsaw, having reached almost 47% of the city population.

“Jewish Odessa” tour will introduce you to the history of the Jewish community of Odessa before the Revolution of 1917, during the WW II, the life of Jews during the Soviet Union period and the Jewish life in Odessa today.

Odessa Champagne Factory (wine tasting included, duration 3 hrs)

Odessa Champagne Factory was founded in 1896 by a French wine-maker Henri Roederer. During the tour you will see how this elite drink is being born and will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy 8-10 sorts of sparkling wine.

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and Shabo (lunch included, duration 6-8 hrs)

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its history dates back more than 2500 years to the Ancient Greek town of Tira. The main attraction is the elegant castle-fortress built by the Genoese in the 14th century on the shores of the Dniester estuary.

You will visit the settlement of Shabo founded more than 200 years ago by French and Swiss wine-makers. The tour will end at the old “king’s basement” where you can taste locally produced wines.

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky (lunch included, duration 5-6 hrs)

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is one of the most ancient towns in the world and has a rich history which dates back more than 2500 years.  Tira, Belgorod, Levkopol, Akkerman, Belgorod-Dnestrovskky – these are just some of the names under which the town was known during many centuries of its history.

Apart from the remains of the ancient town of Tira and the medieval fortress the city is rich in monuments – Scythian Grave, medieval Armenian Church (14 century) New Greek Church of St John  the Baptist (13-16 cc), the spring of St John the Sochava, etc. At the end of the tour you can enjoy lunch and a glass of wine at a local restaurant.

Vilkovo – “The Ukrainian Venice”(with fishermen’s lunch, duration 10-12 hrs)

You will walk along the old part of the town which is absolutely unique. There are broadwalks along the so-called “erics”, numerous channels formed by the southerly course of the Danube in the delta area. The boat will take you to the symbolic 0 km and on your way there you will see reed covered flats, islands and lakes, the nesting ground of many rare birds. Fish soup cooked on wood fire, famous local wine Novak, herbal tea from the old Russian samovar, time spent on the river shore bathing and fishing – all this will make you trip a truly unforgettable experience.

Sea Boat Trips

You can enjoy boat trips along Odessa coast both for fascinating excursions and fishing. There is a wide choice of comfortable motor-launch and sailing yachts available.

A 3-deck catamaran with 60-70 passenger capacity can take you for an exciting trip along Odessa bay as well as become a venue for a corporate event with all conference facilities and meals aboard provided.

  • Tours include transportation and guide.
  • Prices in UAH, including taxes.

Tour Don Alejandro Winery- excursion + tasting unique selection of wines.





Holodna Balka village, Odessa region, 30 kms from Odessa, duration 3-4 hrs
Don Alejandro or Alexander Shapovalov, the owner of the same name winery, is a creative and charismatic boutique winemaker of the 21st century.
Using the experience of the world-renowned masters and integrating modern technology into production, Don Alejandro creates a unique selection of wines.