About the city


Odessa is the regional center of the Odessa region, a sea port in the Odessa  Black sea bay. The population of Odessa – 1 008 200 people (by the data 1 January 2012). Odessa – is the third largest city of Ukraine, a major industrial, cultural, scientific and resort center of Northern black sea coast. Odessa is the largest city on the Black sea.

Odessa was founded in 1794 as a Russian marine fortress. In 1795, at the request of Empress Catherine II, the city was called by the name of the ancient Greek colony Odessos, which as it is suspected was in area of the Bulgarian city of Varna.

The city is located on the gently sloping hills overlooking the harbour. The climate in Odessa is mild and dry with average temperature in January  – 2 degrees C, in July +22 degrees C. The winter is  short and soft with average temperature about zero. The snow and temperature below – 10 degreeC is a rare phenomenon. The summer is long and quite hot with average temperature about +25 C. Very often the temperature  exceeds +35 degrees C . The average rainfall in Odessa – 450 mm.  There are more than 290 Sunny days in a year.

A rich historical heritage, mild climate, variety of beaches  and the Black sea attract thousands of tourists to Odessa during the year. You can often hear  someone calles Odessa   – «the black sea pearl», «Odessa-Mom»or «southern Palmira».

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